You’ve invested resources in your company’s office equipment, and you want to extend its useful life for as long as practical. Even though printer life isn’t necessarily something you can control, there are a lot of steps you can take to get the most from your copiers.

Plan to Get More

Here are four ways to make sure your printers deliver the return on investment you hoped for when you brought them into your infrastructure.

1. Prioritize Maintenance

Proactive maintenance can go a long way toward prolonging the useful life of your office equipment, and that includes your printers. Expert technicians can put your devices on a regular maintenance schedule. They’ll check and clean parts and replace anything that shows signs of wear and tear. They’ll also check on print quality to make sure you’re getting professional results.

2. Use OEM Parts and Supplies

Off-brand cartridges that aren’t offered through your local vendor may be a problem. Saving a little money on low-quality cartridges may cost you more in the long run when they cause damage to your devices.

3. Don’t Ignore Issues

Assign one staff member to keep a log of printer-related issues. When a problem shows up several times, it’s probably not an isolated issue. Contact your vendor, describe the problem, and schedule a service call as soon as possible. If you have other print-capable office equipment available, use that in the interim to avoid causing further damage.

4. Consider Managed Print

A Printer Management strategy through a Managed Print Services agreement can help keep your office equipment productive. With proactive maintenance as a part of an overall Managed Print approach, your devices will perform better at a lower cost to you.

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