The cloud has changed the way businesses work, improving collaboration and productivity by allowing 24/7 access to critical data.

While cloud capabilities are undoubtedly a benefit, they can also provide a portal directly into your company’s valuable data. Businesses can mitigate the risk with regular upgrades, ongoing education, and reliance upon expert office services providers.

Knowing the Risks

Are you unknowingly compromising your company’s network security? Check out these four common risk factors to find out.

  1. Reluctance to upgrade — It seems like reminders to upgrade your technology are never-ending. From your smartphone to your multifunction printer, if it’s not the platform that requires an upgrade, it’s the equipment itself. We get it, but waiting can be very costly regarding security. Outdated equipment may no longer be supported, leaving your data vulnerable to unauthorized and malicious users.
  2. Inexperienced users — Lack of current knowledge is often the culprit behind security breaches. Employees should be trained and updated regularly on document security best practices, but not all companies can provide this on their own. That’s why so many businesses seek to protect their data by outsourcing to professional office services providers.
  3. Unauthorized devices — BYOD policies are a must in today’s business environment. With personal device usage on the rise, the chances that at unauthorized device will put your network at risk is very high. Make sure your employees are informed about your BYOD policy and that they understand the consequences of bypassing your rules.
  4. Outside networks and recipients — Even when you’ve done everything you can to protect your files, the issue of sharing files outside your network is always there. It’s critical to determine whether an outbound file is headed to a secure network. Not doing so can put your entire network and its contents at risk.
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