Your small business may not use up a lot of paper, but there are quite a few advantages to beginning as you mean to go on. In the case of digital document solutions, starting when you’re small is the key to a future of streamlined processes, lower costs, and an increased ability to compete in a digital economy.

Let’s take a look at how paperless document management solutions can benefit your small business, both today and in the future.

1. Reduce costs.

Paperless processes are decidedly less expensive than digital document solutions. To start a company in 1978, you’d need to invest heavily in typewriters, copiers, paper, file folders, filing cabinets, binders, bankers boxes, and plenty of room to store it all. Fortunately for you, it’s 2018, and your need for most of those paper-based essentials are almost nonexistent. By going paperless from the start with document management, your company can:

  • Reduce your need for hard copy documentation
  • File your documents in the cloud instead of in filing cabinets
  • Create, store, and share documents digitally instead of on paper
  • Eliminate your need for extensive paper storage solutions

2. Improve productivity.

Paper-heavy processes have never been very efficient. Moving paper documents from desk to desk, department to department, and client to client is a slow process with multiple pain points and potential for errors. By eliminating paper with electronic document management, you can automate and speed up procedures throughout your entire organization.

3. Improve customer service.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup in business for a year or an established corporation with locations across the country—customer service matters. In 2018, every customer knows that you should have tools in place to respond in a few moments. Long wait times, errors, and inefficient business processes will send your customers to your competitor in a hurry.

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