Your office copier is critical to the productivity and efficiency of your business. That means keeping it operational is critical.

For simple tasks like copying and printing, we rely on our office printers and copiers. However, we now rely on them for much more, such as sending files via the cloud or project assembly, such as stapling or binding.

But what happens if your device isn’t working properly? How can you ensure that there will be no downtime if your office copier malfunctions or breaks?
We have ten tips to keep your office printer in good working order so that you can have confidence in your office equipment. Your printers should be solutions, not problems.

How to Keep an Office Printer and Copier in Excellent Shape 

To keep your multifunction printer (MFP) in good working order, you’ll need all hands on deck. Your employees must take care of the copier and communicate when it begins to malfunction. You will also require the assistance of a service company.


1. Warm it Up When it’s Cold
When you close the office doors for the weekend, your copy machine goes on vacation. It enters sleep mode and must go through a wake-up procedure. When your device wakes up, it will enter calibration mode automatically. It also requires time to warm up its drum before printing accurately and efficiently.
If you’re in a hurry, you might find yourself repeatedly pressing the copy button in an attempt to get it to work—which won’t wake up your office copier any faster and may even cause damage.

Allow it to warm up before copying a test page if it has been idle for an extended period of time. Allowing the copier to slowly warm up will reward you with consistent high-quality copies.

In terms of warming up your device, there are a number of newer models on the market from companies such as Kyocera and Sharp that include a walk-up sensor. This means that these printers can wake up the device if it detects any nearby motion. How wonderful is that?

2. Don’t Overload the Paper Tray
Overloading the paper tray almost always results in a problem. Your office copier will have difficulty feeding paper into the machine, resulting in a jam.

Use the fill level lines on most paper trays as a guide when loading the paper tray. Also, ensure that the paper is tightly packed and wrinkle-free. You can avoid common paper jams if you follow these tips.

If you find yourself having to refill the copier on a regular basis, it may be time to contact your provider about an upgrade to larger or more paper trays, or perhaps a larger machine.

3. Be Careful When Clearing Paper Jams
When a paper jam occurs, you can’t help but feel frustrated. But don’t let your frustration lead to a brawl with the office copier. These are delicate and complicated electronic devices.

First, examine the display panel to determine the source of the paper jam. Unplug the copy machine before you address it. Once unplugged, slowly open the device to remove the paper jam.

You may aggravate the problem if you force components open or move too quickly. For example, strong movements or pulling in the wrong direction could rip the jammed paper. If this occurs, you will need to contact your service technician to resolve the paper jam.

4. Keep Your Office Copier Clean
Copy machines are damaged by dirt and debris, so keep your copier clean. Clean the glass surface, as well as the bypass and exit trays.

Also, clean the machine’s exterior so that debris doesn’t get into the paper tray and inside your office copier. Make this a routine part of your office cleaning routine, and your employees will develop the habit of keeping your device clean.

5. Don’t Ignore Lines on Your Paper
When your copier machine is trying to communicate with you, it will leave lines on the paper. The lines could be caused by a blemish on the machine’s glass. If this is the case, use an alcohol-free glass cleaner and a soft cloth to clean it. The lines will usually disappear after that.

Your machine may be attempting to tell you that your previous paper jam caused loose toner residue to accumulate in the copier or printer. Making some blank copies may help you solve this problem.
The remaining toner may be picked up by the blank pages, leaving clean paper behind. If this trick does not solve the problem, you will need to contact a service provider.

If the lines are down due to a roller problem, you’ll also need to call a service technician. A service technician will inspect the roller to see if it is dirty or in need of repair. If it is, the technician can repair or replace it so you can resume printing.

6. Use the Right Toner for Your Printer
When you buy or lease an office copy machine, you will receive an owner’s manual. You’ll find a section with information about the type of toner you need to use for your copier or printer if you look through it. If you use the incorrect toner, you risk damaging your machine.

You should also avoid purchasing counterfeit toners. On online marketplaces, criminals sell counterfeit toner and other printing supplies. They provide a significant discount, and customers believe they are purchasing the genuine article. The toner then leaks or causes other problems, causing the machine to fail.
By purchasing your supplies from your printing partner, you can avoid falling victim to a counterfeit toner scam. Then you’ll be confident that the supplies are genuine and will not harm your multifunction printer.

By the way, now is a good time to review your maintenance or service level agreement. Toner is typically included in your managed print provider’s agreement, making it easier for you to obtain the right supplies for your devices while avoiding common counterfeit toner scams.

7. Don’t Scratch the Platen Surface
Before making copies, remove all paperclips and staples. They could scratch the glass, making clear copies impossible.

8. Train Your Staff
Office copiers have evolved significantly over the years. They now have more features than ever before, so training your employees is a good idea. This way, they will be familiar with your office copy machine.

Your managed print provider can assist you in teaching your employees how to use the various features and functions of the office copy machine. Remember, when you add new members to your team, make sure they are fully trained as well.


9. Maintain Your Copier
According to the schedule in your owner’s manual, your office copier should be serviced on a regular basis. Regular maintenance is required if you want your copier to operate at peak efficiency and reduces the need for time-consuming repairs.


10. Make Sure You Have the Right Machine
Far too many offices buy low-cost copiers from big-box retailers, only to discover that the copiers were not designed to meet their needs, resulting in numerous breakdowns.

Choosing a copy machine that meets your office’s needs will help you reduce downtime.

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