• Enterprise Wi-Fi is a business-grade wireless network that allows users to connect to Wi-Fi networks on company property using mobile devices, laptops, and other technology.
  • Enterprise Wi-Fi may include both a secure, private network for employees and a public, open network for visitors and customers.

The demand for seamless Wi-Fi access in enterprises appears to be increasing by the day. Employees want the ability to connect to the Internet and work from anywhere, while guests and customers expect to be able to easily access Wi-Fi connections when visiting a business location. To meet these expectations, organisations are increasingly turning to enterprise Wi-Fi solutions. But what exactly is enterprise Wi-Fi? And what advantages does it provide an organisation?

Here’s a quick primer on “What is enterprise Wi-Fi?” with some answers.

What is enterprise Wi-Fi?

Enterprise Wi-Fi is a business-grade wireless network that can provide continuous and secure connectivity throughout a company’s physical location.

What is enterprise Wi-Fi’s benefit to an organisation?

Businesses can use enterprise Wi-Fi to:

  • Allow employees to be more mobile by allowing them to connect to Wi-Fi anywhere within the enterprise’s footprint rather than being confined to desks or workstations.
  • Reduce connectivity costs by providing fast Internet access without the need to install, maintain, and upgrade connections in each workspace.
  • Allow for Bring Your Own Device connectivity, which allows anyone to connect to the Internet using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Make it easier for connected devices to communicate with the network to promote Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity.

What is the most difficult challenge in enterprise Wi-Fi?

To ensure that seamless access is available in every office, conference room, and common area throughout a property, a great deal of expertise in enterprise Wi-Fi technology is required. As a result, building and maintaining enterprise Wi-Fi networks may be a significant burden for IT teams who already have a long list of competing priorities.

What is the definition of enterprise Wi-Fi security?

Enterprise Wi-Fi is more vulnerable to security breaches and necessitates a greater focus on defining policies and implementing security measures. Strong authentication requirements, regular security audits, consistent system upgrades, and the creation of separate networks for visitors and employees are among them.

What is an enterprise Wi-Fi hotspot?

An enterprise Wi-Fi hotspot connects guests, customers, and anyone else who is not a business employee. A hotspot is typically a dedicated and open Wi-Fi network that anyone can access. It is distinct from an internal network that is only accessible to employees with the necessary credentials.

What is enterprise Wi-Fi managed services?

Because managing an enterprise Wi-Fi network is difficult, many organisations turn to managed Wi-Fi services, hiring a third-party provider to design, install, manage, and support an enterprise Wi-Fi implementation.

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