Print information from a web page when you need to save it. Printing from a browser eliminates the need to copy and paste information into a word processing programme. Changing the text size in your browser has no effect on the printed product. To get the best print out for reading, you must adjust your print settings in your browser.

Internet Explorer

1.Right-click on the toolbar and click on “Command bar” to make your icons appear. Click the “arrow” icon next to the Printer button and select “Print Preview.”

2.Expand the “Shrink to Fit” drop-down menu. Select the scale percentage you want the web page to use. The larger the scale, the larger the text on the printout.

3.Click the “printer” icon to print your document.


1.Click the “Firefox” button and select the arrow next to “Print,” then “Page Setup.”

2.Uncheck the “Shrink to Fit Page Width” box.

3.Type in the scale percentage you want the web page to use then click “OK.”

4.Return to the “Firefox” menu and select “Print,” then “OK” to print your document.

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