The average law firm has an enormous amount of information that must be kept accessible on office equipment and ready to be used when it’s needed. However, it is far harder to find specific information when it is in files like PDFs. These files can be transferred to different file types with the help of optical character recognition.

Making Documents Searchable

In any law firm, finding specific data is of the utmost importance. However, when documents are in PDF format, they can’t be searched for any words or phrases. Instead, the entire file is an image, and the computer can’t read the actual text on the page. To make these documents into ones that can be searchable, there is optical character recognition software. This software has a different way of scanning a PDF. Instead of seeing it as an image, it sees the specific characters and spaces on the document. It recreates all of the text into a different file format that can be read as text by the computer. This makes it fully searchable.

Effective Translation

When optical character recognition is used on documents, it is programmed to understand how words and sentences are constructed. It has its own dictionary of words, so it may even correct typos from the original document. Using optical character recognition is a great way to make sure that what is created is free from errors. It is more accurate than most human translation, so you can get a document that is correct and not hampered by any human error. No legal form should have errors in it. The precise language used needs to be preserved for clarity and correctness.

Organizing Data

In the course of legal work, information may be admitted in many different forms. It’s common to get a PDF of a document, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. With optical character recognition, you can get the text-based documents that you need no matter how they were originally sent to you. It takes little time to have the image document translated and placed into a searchable, editable document.

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