When you copy a piece of paper with simple text or images and your finished copy contains streaks, lines or other deformities, there’s an issue with the copier. There are multiple reasons this issue can occur, so finding a solution can require a bit of photocopier troubleshooting.

Potential sources for this copy machine problem include:

Foreign substances on the scanner glass or mirrors
Drum or developer unit malfunction (only applies to multi-component copier systems)
Drum-blade malfunction, resulting in large lines vertically down the page
Issue with fusers
The first issue is resolved through removing interference and cleaning the scanner glass and mirrors. See your device’s user manual for proper cleaning instructions. The remaining issues can be remedied by replacing the unit causing the issue. These issues should be addressed by contacting your service provider.


Low, Empty or Malfunctioning Toner Cartridges can cause issues within your photo copier machine. If toner or cartridges are low or empty, should replace or repair the issue. If a cartridge is malfunctioning, it’s likely due to either one of the things:

Manufacturer Error – bring a copy of poor quality copies and the cartridge to the place of purchase and request for the replacement.

Incompatibility Issues – most photo copier machines require specific toner, if you try and use an incompatible cartridge, your print quality will suffer.


Wrinkled pages are often the result of drawn feed and exit rollers that cause sticking or jamming. But, drawn paper trays or moisture caused by humidity and fuse erection can also lead to wrinkled pages. If paper stock is remark damaged for any reason, do not use it. For issues with paper trays, you can purchase for the replacements. However, fixing the fuse assembly and feed rollers requires the assistance of a technician.


The majority of issues with lightness and darkness of copy pages is the result of an imbalance in the density controls on the photo copier. Someone may have accidentally altered the settings previously, making following images copied too light or too dark. In this case, resetting the density levels is the best solution. It’s also possible, that the drum could be reaching the end of its work life, or the toner in the machine has gone bad. Some merchandise toners are not up to manufacturer codes and can result in light density issues.


This photo copier machine problem consists of some random arrays of dots marring or otherwise it will be perfect copy. If you notice the dots in the same place every time, it is likely an issue of mark or scrap on the copy mirror or glass. Once again, this can be remedied by properly cleaning off the glass and mirrors. A more random array of spots repeated throughout the document could be a flaw in the drum. Replacing drums should fix the issue.

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