3 Ways to Maintain the Functionality of Your Office Copier
    If the copier hasn’t been used in several days, such as over the weekend, it’s a good idea to run a few test prints before utilising it heavily.
    Before the day begins, replace old paper with a new stack and check for any jams.

When kept idle for an extended period of time, most copiers will enter sleep mode and initiate a calibration mode when restarted.
Please be patient. The machine is doing this for a reason, and repeatedly pushing the copy button will not speed up this critical operation.

    Many people leave copiers stuffed to the gills. Always check the paper capacity, which is usually indicated by a fill level line on the inside of the paper tray. Never go above or below this line.
    Have you heard that fanning the stack from one corner can help put some air between the pages? It’s an urban legend, to be sure.

Different paper weights may also affect the number of sheets you can load (thicker paper = fewer sheets). Keep the paper itself in a dry, clean, and organised place until it’s time to use it. Crinkled paper can cause the copier to jam, and humidity can cause the paper to ripple and curl, resulting in poor print quality.

    You, indeed. Use caution when operating the machine. There are two methods for repairing a copier. While your first instinct may be to tear open the drawers and dive in to find the source of a paper jam, always follow the screen prompts on the display panel for clearing a jam.

Open “the guts” with caution, as a paper jam is simply a backup of paper that could result in a single or multiple pages being partially engaged between two sections of the machine. If you open the components too quickly, parts of your paper may tear, making retrieval impossible without the tools and expertise of a service technician.

Also, remember to unplug the machine first. It’s not easy to get an electric shock while trying to clear a paper jam in a copier machine, but it’s happened before.

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