Nowadays, most new photocopiers are preferably referred to as multi-function printers (MFPs), since a wide variety of tasks can be done. There are so many different degrees of complexity that when you purchase a photocopier it is important to take into consideration some main ideas to boost your business performance.

1) Ink-jet or laser?

The choice of laser technology or ink-jet technology depends on your volume criteria. Laser machines are at the upper end of the pricing scale where the pricing per page is an essential factor, but they are also the ideal alternative since they are well suited to huge quantities of copies. Ink-jet MFPs are the better option for needing low volume color papers, even though the ink they use is costly than toner for laser printers.

2) Print quality and speed

For several organizations, speed is typically the most significant aspect. Mid-range devices usually allow for A4 document speeds of between 25 and 50 pages per minute. Any versions are better in that mode than in color for businesses that use only black and white copies. Print consistency, or resolution, is an important concern as well. In the 600-1200 dpi range, most devices have resolution, which is ideal for internal use or basic flyers and user manuals. You can need to purchase a photocopier capable of hitting 2400 dpi for high quality brochures and publicity materials.

3) Ergonomics

Manufacturers have taken steps to make their goods as user-friendly as possible, and also provide training sessions and hotlines on-site. In most modern workplaces, network capabilities are important for incorporating the MFP into the networks of the organization. When buying a photocopier, you have to carefully evaluate the paper power. It can have an undesirable effect on the workflow to need to refill the paper tray too much. Your printer will still be ready with high-capacity or several paper trays for various paper weights or styles. A number of finishing methods, such as staplers or paper files, are similar.

4) Price

It is of utmost importance to evaluate the needs to decide the budget, when costs vary from RM 1,500 to more than RM7,000. But there’s more to remember than just the overhead cost, since the price per paper will reflect much of the costs in the long term, depending on the printing amount.

3) Purchase a photocopier online

Going online is still a smart choice anytime you want to purchase a photocopier, to compare costs, learn the specificities of the different versions and benefit from lower pricing thanks to low overheads. For example, you can quickly find distributors dealing in monochrome, multifunctional or color photocopiers. You would be able to obtain decent terms of service as well.