What Should I Look For In A Managed Print Service?

It’s not surprising, then, that nearly half of all businesses want to increase their use of managed print programmes. However, not all Print as a Service providers are the same.

So what should you look for when examining managed print services companies?

Will they help determine your printing needs?

If a company comes in and immediately proposes a complex print solution or starts suggesting equipment upgrades before truly understanding what you print and why you print it, they may not be acting in your best interests. A mature MPS company, on the other hand, begins by establishing your baseline of what you print today.

Will they help establish a total cost of ownership?

An MPS company worth their salt will not only assist you in determining what you have and how you use it, but they will also assist you in determining how much you are paying for it. Printers, toner, repairs… it all has a cost, whether you’ve been tracking it or not. A good MPS company can show you the total cost of toner, the depreciation of your devices, and even the time and energy expended by your IT department, so you know exactly how much it costs you every time you click “File, Print.”

Will they leverage your current print fleet?

You’ve already purchased desktop printers. If an office technology company’s first pitch is to replace your current fleet with brand new devices from their showroom, chances are they are more interested in selling you new equipment than in efficiently managing your print. A good MPS company will work within your existing environment rather than attempting to fix what isn’t broken.

Do they have a proactive approach to service and supply?

Check not only whether a potential MPS provider can provide service and supplies, but also their philosophy. Is same-day or next-day service available? Do they proactively monitor your fleet’s toner levels and send toner before you run out? Do they conduct quarterly fleet assessments to determine whether you could improve your efficiency? A proactive approach ensures that your fleet runs smoothly without consuming IT’s time.

Can they build a custom pricing solution to fit your fleet?

No two printer fleets are alike, and no two businesses have the same print footprint.
So why would you accept a managed print services company’s one-size-fits-all pricing? Check to see if your prospective MPS provider provides both cost-per-page and flat-rate pricing for the printers they support… and, more importantly, ensure that they take the time to determine which solution is best for your organisation.

Do they have a replacement solution?

When properly maintained, a desktop printer can last a long time. However, they, like any other piece of technology, have the potential to fail. Look for an MPS programme that can provide you with peace of mind for your devices and a replacement unit if a desktop device is beyond repair. A replacement programme is an excellent way to avoid the expense and inconvenience of purchasing new and unnecessary devices. A good MPS provider will be able to provide replacements for the devices they sell; a great one will be able to provide replacements for all qualifying devices supported.

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