Finding the perfect office equipment for your everyday needs can be a challenge, but not because the perfect fit isn’t available—just the opposite! The number of choices available to your business to choose from is decidedly encouraging, but the sheer volume can make the task a little bit daunting.

Listing Your Requirements

Narrowing down your list of good possibilities begins by honing in on your basic needs. From there you can make a list of additional features that will help your staff perform their tasks with greater efficiency. Here’s how to begin:

1. Color or Monochrome?

If you’re planning to print color customer-facing materials in-house, you’ll want to choose a device that delivers consistently superior color images. If sharp black-and-white text is more your speed, you’ll want to research the industry’s offerings of precision, high-speed laser printers. Don’t discount color altogether, however. Even the addition of a little color on an invoice is known to reduce payment turnaround times significantly.

2. Speed and Volume

If your small business or start-up organization prints a relatively limited number of documents each day, don’t pay for extra power and speed. For high-volume document printing needs, however, the industry answers the call with speeds exceeding 100 prints per minute.

3. Advanced Workflow Solutions

Perhaps no single device has transformed the office equipment industry as much as the multifunction printer. By combining the capabilities of four isolated devices—copier, printer, scanner, and fax—a multifunction printer is truly an office workhorse.

  • Wireless printing capabilities to improve productivity.
  • Advanced scanning capabilities to bypass printing for streamlined digital workflows.
  • Mobile printing features to provide remote employees and visiting clients with a secure printing option.
  • Professional finishing options like collating, stapling, hole-punching, booklet making, and more.
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