The Office Equipment Maintenance Checklist for Quick Maintenance

Every office needs essential equipment to operate – copiers, printers, scanners, and other machines can be incredibly useful, and often, your business relies on them.

However, these same machines are prone to maintenance issues and expensive repair problems. That’s where special preventative processes can come in handy and are often much more simple than you would expect.

Printers and Copiers

Printers and copiers can have problems that back up your entire office workflow but are easy to address and prevent. Don’t be at the mercy of your machines – implement training, processes, and procedures that impact your continuity of operations for the better. Have fewer hiccups with simple maintenance tricks and – the other key piece – using a reliable vendor that can support your maintenance needs when it goes beyond easy, in-office fixes.

Avoid Major Maintenance Issues with These Tricks

Here are five quick tricks for staying away from repetitive, ongoing repair issues.

  1. Train staff to understand the features and functions of your machines.
  2. Ensure all computers are connected to the network so that anyone who needs to print cannot wait in a queue.
  3. Monitor ink and toner levels and keep a set schedule to change them out.
  4. Clean the glass regularly – this is more important than you may think!
  5. Purchase the right copier that meets your office needs from the get-go. The right vendor can help you here as well.
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