When it comes to working in healthcare, your focus will be healing patients especially those with life-threatening conditions. The focus is also with working with the healthcare team to ensure sanitation, medical tests, x-rays, proper nutrition, surgery, and more. The whole environment will be sustained. However, sensitive documents may be compromised, especially when it comes to printing.

It is easy for these organizations to disregard printers. With strict consideration concerning the environment, privacy, and confidentiality, many healthcare organizations don’t consider the dangers of regular office printers. This type of office equipment could be harmful to the air, and the wrong hands can easily get private information if they are not careful. With these issues, it’s crucial for these organizations to have [eco-friendly, green printing] which also improves healthcare processing efficiency by reducing administrative costs.

To establish sustainability for healthcare in green printing, you must adhere to the following steps:

  • Establishing a green team– Have a team in place to eliminate inefficiency and to achieve specific goals.
  • Streamlining of document and printing– Digital documents use less energy, consume fewer materials, and is more efficient and productive than the current print fleet.
  • Reprocessing medical devices– In addition to properly reprocessing medical devices, you must have designated personnel to generate processes to recycle and use other green initiatives.
  • Properly destroying documents– Destroying documents properly is vital to maintain privacy and confidentiality by shredding documents and recycling securely.
  • Getting rid of capital assets– The capital equipment must not be disposed of, but reputable third-party resellers must resell them.
  • Obtaining LEED Certification– LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This certification is for buildings to address energy conservation and operating costs. Qualifying in more money-saving incentives is also available.
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