Whether you’re replacing existing devices or starting from scratch, choosing office equipment for your law office involves making a series of critical decisions. You’ll be using your office equipment for several years, and it’s essential to make the right choice. Here’s how to map out the process.

1. Begin with the Right Provider

If you’re interested in products from a particular office equipment manufacturer, you can go to their website to locate a vendor in your area. Choosing a vendor with established technology partnerships means you’ll have access to certified technicians, OEM parts, and a solid reputation for delivering support after the sale. Remember that no matter how satisfied you may be with your office equipment, if you’re not happy with your technology provider, that’s a problem.

2. Research Their Commitment to Support

In today’s always-on, social-media rich environment, it’s not difficult to find out how committed a potential office equipment provider is to customer service. Check online reviews to find out how others view their experience and also check the company website for references from local business leaders. The company website may also address their commitment to fast response times, first-call completion, and preventative maintenance to keep equipment operational and reduce downtime.

3. Find Out What Other Services They Offer

You’ll get more from your office equipment if you can add a suite of supportive services. Some of the most beneficial include:

  • Managed print services — Solutions to optimize your print-related workflows, keep unnecessary printing in check, and enhance print security.
  • Document solutions — Workflow solutions like electronic document management and cloud services to help your law firm deploy paperless processes.
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