Do your employees store critical files on their laptops or mobile devices? When employees create and store documents on their devices, they’re creating a host of problems for your organization.

Document Management Solutions

It’s just a matter of time before a critical file goes missing because of inadequate storage solutions. Here’s why office services like Document Management and Cloud Services are a better solution than employee-created file storage hierarchies.

1. You need access to your business-critical files.

Imagine a scenario where your team requires a critical file to close a business deal that’s essentially make-or-break for your company. Unfortunately, the file is stored on a laptop belonging to an employee who is out of the office for the day. Unless you can get your hands on their laptop and password, that file and the deal that accompanies it are both hopelessly out of reach.

By using professional office services, your files could be accessible at any time and from any employee with the proper credentials.

2. You have the laptop, but you can’t find the file. Anywhere.

Let’s assume you have access to both the laptop and files in the above scenario. Unfortunately, no one understands your employee’s creative file storage system, and you need the file immediately. Once again, a critical business deal could go completely off the rails.

A Document Management System eliminates the common crisis of files gone missing. Users simply scan documents, and the system saves and stores information based on captured metadata. To locate a file, users conduct a keyword search, and the file is available in seconds.

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