If you’re ready to upgrade your office equipment, you may automatically think it’s time to buy whatever you need from the closest retailer and call it good. Not quite! There are so many more options when you work with a team like Base Technologies. Don’t short your team from securing the payment style, contract, machine, and features you need with the right option for your office equipment.

Main Differences

The first question you may not have considered – should you lease or buy? Both are good options, depending on what you need. Here are the primary differences.

Leasing – You don’t have to pay as much upfront, you can upgrade as you grow, and you can advance technology or make changes based on your contract. These are huge benefits for many growing businesses or those just starting off.

Buying – Purchasing may be right for you if you are ready to make one purchase and have payments be complete, you don’t plan on upgrading soon, and you would like to be set for a while in your business without a contract.

The differences are notable, but what you need depends most on your business and your vision going forward. Base Technologies can help you decide.

The Best Choice for Your Business

The best decision for your business is based on needs, volume, growth, payment, and more. But the best choice is always to work with a reliable vendor to ensure you’re getting what you need the first time.

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