You may notice a decline in print quality if the inside of the machine is unclean or if paper is loaded incorrectly. To solve the problem, go to the table below.

Light or faded print

If a vertical white streak or faded area appears on the page:

  • The toner supply is low. You may be able to temporarily extend the toner cartridge life. If this does not improve the print quality, install a new toner cartridge.
  • The paper may not meet paper specifications; for example, the paper is too moist or too


  • If the entire page is light, the print resolution setting is too low or the toner save mode is on. Adjust the print resolution and turn the toner save mode off.
  • A combination of faded or smeared defects may indicate that the toner cartridge needs cleaning.
  • The surface of the LSU part inside the machine may be dirty. Clean the LSU.

Toner specks

  • The paper may not meet specifications; for example, the paper is too moist or too rough.
  • The transfer roller may be dirty. Clean the inside of your machine.
  • The paper path may need cleaning.


If faded areas, generally rounded, occur randomly on the page

  • A single sheet of paper may be defective. Try printing the job.
  • The moisture content of the paper is uneven or the paper has moist spots on its surface. Try a different brand of paper
  • The paper lot is bad. The manufacturing processes can cause some areas to reject toner. Try a different kind or brand of paper.
  • If these steps do not correct the problem, contact a service representative.
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