1. Wrinkled Pages

Wrinkles in your paper aren’t just unsightly, they can also cause the paper to get stuck in your copier and damage the machine. If your copies are coming out with wrinkles when the paper in the tray is smooth, it’s likely due to worn-out parts. Weak paper trays, feeds, and exit rollers can all cause wrinkled pages, so replacing these parts should fix the problem. 

2. Blemishes on Paper

If your copier is producing streaks, lines, or dots on your copies, it could be as simple as dust or smudges on the glass or scanning mirror where you place the original. Cleaning these surfaces with a lint-free towel should resolve the problem. 

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your office copier can prevent many issues with the machine. However, if your copier is clean and you are still experiencing issues, there could be a problem with its fusers or drum. In this case, you should call a technician who can identify the problem and replace the necessary parts. 

3. Light or Dark Copies

Copies that are too light or too dark may result from a change in the copier’s settings. Check to see if your copier is set on high (dark) or low (light) density. If you have configured the correct settings but are still having issues, it may be due to old toner or a problem with the drum. Try replacing the toner cartridge, and if that doesn’t work, it may be time to call a technician.

4. Toner Cartridge Issues

Using the wrong toner cartridge, a malfunctioning cartridge or an empty cartridge can cause several problems with your copies. Replace your toner as soon as your copier signals it is low to prevent causing damage to your machine. It’s also important that you use the correct type of cartridge for your machine, insert the cartridge correctly, and that it is free of defects. If you properly replace the toner cartridge but continue to have problems with your copier, your machine may require maintenance or replacement. 

5. Paper Jams

Printers aren’t the only office machines that experience paper jams. If your copier jams, it could be from using the wrong paper or improperly loading the paper tray. To prevent copier paper jams, make sure to use the right paper type and to align it correctly in the tray. Regular maintenance can also prevent paper jams. 

To fix a paper jam, you first need to turn it off and unplug the machine. Then you can remove all of the stuck pieces of paper from the tray and inside the copier. Lastly, plugin and turn on the machine, then print a test page. If your copier still isn’t working properly, the machine probably requires maintenance. 

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