Not Having Managed Print Can Really Cost You

You managed business expenses closely and carefully. Each expense matters and is part of a tight budget. With any business, you need to know where your money is going. Some outsourcing services can help save money at your business and keep you running ahead full speed. Managed print is one of those critical services.

Managed print services are an upfront cost, sure. But not having managed print will cost your business much more in the long run. Tracking printing costs is the best way to provide oversight on spending, evaluate print policies, and cut back where necessary.

Expensive Print Environments

Almost 35% of businesses don’t track their print environment, and for some companies, that means losing almost the same amount in savings on print costs. How do print costs add up? Start with some slightly outdated equipment, move to overuse and over-ordering of supplies, and end with excessive printing and inefficient use by employees. You’re looking at about a 20% increase in print costs.

Get it Under Control

How does managed print get control of these costs and keep them down?

The key ways it works for any business include:

  • Increased print oversight and print data audits
  • Access to efficient, upgraded devices
  • Streamlined print fleet
  • Organized supply ordering and use
  • Effective print policies
  • Better security and protections

These benefits are critical for any business that needs to address print. Managed print is a cost, sure, but the savings make the service beyond worth it.

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