Managed Print_ Reasons to Make the Switch Today

Companies everywhere are trying to find the best solutions to stay profitable and thriving in a constantly changing business environment. The past year was very challenging for businesses, but it also did a lot to support digital growth, cybersecurity, and office solutions that make sense for the future.

One key switch was to save money on office equipment and processes anywhere you can – mainly in print, which can take up much more of your budget than you may think. Managed print solutions are a critical solution for print oversight, and here’s why you’ll want to make the change today.

Managed Print will Save Money

One of the primary ways that managed print benefits business is the major savings. You’ll save on supplies, employee time and productivity, print waste, and office equipment costs. Some companies see up to 30% savings on print.

You’ll also receive print data from the regular print audits to show you how you can update print policies – like using black and white instead of color – and make other small changes to find more savings and create a regular monthly budget you can afford.

Managed Print Aligns Workflows

Another key reason to make a move to managed print is to address any workflow issues you may have in your office. Managed print allows you to free up your IT teams and administrative support staff for more company-focused tasks and helps employees stay productive and on-task when printing.

Streamline Your Office in 2021

This is the year to make your office the efficient, functional place that it should be. For teams that are back on-site, having a productive, effective workplace is more important than ever, and it’s a good time to address issues with print. Start next year off right once you have this crucial solution in place. 

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