2 MPC3504 & MPC5504 SEWA
3 MPC3504 SEWA
4 MPC5504 SEWA
5 IMC3500 SEWA
6 IMC5500 SEWA
7 MPC3504 & MPC5504 SEWA
8 IMC3500 & IMC5500 SEWA
9 MPC3500 & MPC5504 BELI
10 MPC3504 BELI
11 MPC3504 BELI
12 IMC3500 BELI
13 IMC5500 BELI
14 MPC3500 & MPC5504 BELI
15 IMC3500 & IMC5500 BELI
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Kemensah or Kemesah is a settlement area that includes villages and luxury housing.

Bizcopier Solutions Sdn Bhd commenced trading in 2013. Right from the beginning, We were are involved in refurbishing copiers in Klang. We specialise in copier, and a supplier of the refurbished photocopier, sales, maintenance, and repair copier machines. We lease the top brands of the photocopy industry, such as Ricoh. Bizcopier also offers up to 5 Years Comprehensive Maintenance Contract at competitive rental & service meter prices, with hundreds of satisfied users ranging from Government departments and significant Corporates to schools and small businesses.

We will attend to any copier service request on the same day and fix the issue at a minimum downtime. Once our technician makes the initial checkup, if required, we will provide you with an estimated cost of the repair before the work continues.

Why Should pick Bizcopier?

  • Free first-time installations
  • Lowest price in town
  • Delivery available
  • Reliable product

We Cover Adjacent Areas Around Ampang

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