A printer is an essential add-on to your office set up, but when it decides to have a funny five minutes just as you’re about to send a document to print, it can cause lengthy delays and unnecessary stress and hassle.

At Bizcopier Solution Sdn Bhd, we believe continual maintenance is the backbone of product longevity, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. We’ve collated some useful steps for you to take to keep your inkjet or laser printer in good working order.

-Turn the printer off

Turn off your printer if you don’t expect to need it for a few days, such as over the weekend or a bank holiday. Printers can overheat if left on for extended periods of time, which is especially damaging for inkjet printers because the ink cartridges tend to dry out, causing the header to clog. Even if the printer is turned on but not in use, it can wear out other parts of the printer.

-Give the insides a clean
Wipe down the insides of your printer every few months. Toner, dust, and grime that has accumulated over time can form layers that affect the printer’s performance. To remove toner and dust, use lint-free cloths that have been slightly dampened, and soft-bristled tools like a toothbrush. Even if it’s a tough spot, don’t use too much pressure when cleaning!

-Keep the printer head clean

We recommend cleaning your printer’s head once a month. Many printers will self-clean with a few button presses, but they can also be cleaned manually if desired. Simply remove the ink cartridges from your inkjet printer and clean the head with warm water. Wet wipes and cleaning products containing alcohol should be avoided. Allow the head to dry completely before returning the ink cartridges after cleaning.

-Check under the hood

Lift the printer’s hood every now and then to check for any damaged or worn parts. Toners and ink cartridges aren’t the only parts that need to be replaced; also check the condition of the printer’s rollers and fuser.

-Use the printer regularly
It is not uncommon for printers to fail simply due to insufficient use. In addition, leaving your printer untouched for days can cause the printer head to clog, resulting in severe damage. We recommend printing in full colour every 10 days to keep your printer and cartridges in good working order.

-Choose the right refill cartridges

Because refill cartridges can be costly, you may be tempted to choose the cheapest option, regardless of quality. Although branded, high-quality cartridges are more expensive, they help to keep your printer in good working order, preventing breakdowns and functionality issues in the future. They also have higher printing quality.

-Keep it up to date

The printer’s software is one of the most important factors that many users overlook. When an update is due, the printer’s manufacturer will notify the system, which helps to keep your printer in good working order.

-Replace the ink cartridges before they run out
A dry ink cartridge can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your printer head, making it even more important to replace them before they cause problems. When the ink cartridges or toner in your printer run out, your printer software will notify you.

-Locate the printer in a suitable area

Heat and dry air can contribute to inkjet printer heads clogging and laser toner degradation. Place printers away from radiators and other heat sources to avoid unnecessary printer repair costs.


Other common printer issues include being knocked and barged as office workers walk by. To avoid further damage, keep the printer away from busy corridors and walkways.

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