Choosing the right photocopier for your business can be a daunting task, especially with so many options available in the market. Here are some factors you should consider when selecting a photocopier for your business:

  • Volume and Speed: Consider the number of copies you need to make and the speed at which you need them. If you have a high-volume office, you need a photocopier with a high page-per-minute (PPM) speed to handle the workload.
  • Print Quality: Check the resolution of the photocopier, as it will affect the quality of the copies. Higher resolution produces clearer and sharper prints.
  • Paper Handling: Consider the types of paper you need to print on, as well as the sizes and weights. Choose a photocopier that can handle the paper sizes and types you need.
  • Connectivity: Look for a photocopier that offers multiple connectivity options, such as Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet. This will allow you to print from various devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Cost: Compare the cost of the photocopier to the features it offers. It’s essential to choose a photocopier that fits your budget and offers the features you need.
  • Maintenance and Support: Check the maintenance and support options available from the manufacturer or supplier. Look for a company that offers reliable customer service and prompt repairs
2 MPC3504 & MPC5504 SEWA
3 MPC3504 SEWA
4 MPC5504 SEWA
5 IMC3500 SEWA
6 IMC5500 SEWA
7 MPC3504 & MPC5504 SEWA
8 IMC3500 & IMC5500 SEWA
9 MPC3500 & MPC5504 BELI
10 MPC3504 BELI
11 MPC3504 BELI
12 IMC3500 BELI
13 IMC5500 BELI
14 MPC3500 & MPC5504 BELI
15 IMC3500 & IMC5500 BELI
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