Renting or leasing copier machines allow for flexibility in updating or replacing their machines with lower upfront costs. With technology changing so rapidly these days, it’s also a smart way to prevent obsolescence. In workplaces, along with mobile, printers and projectors, a copier machine is an important device. Unlike the other things, because of its high cost it is popular for copiers to be rent instead of purchased.

Using just a copier loan to buy one can further burden your finances with the interest in the loan from the copier. If you’re working on a tight budget or if you’re uncertain about the time frame you’d like a copier, it’s best to go with a flexible package that allows you to change your mind without the sunken cost.

Renting a copier is also excellent for the needs of short-term activities such as trade shows, conferences, concerts, workshops, meetings, etc. During their peak time requirements, certain schools or associations participate in copier rental facilities, such as when conducting surveys or printing significant quantities of instructional materials or test papers. Temporary offices such as showrooms, show-flats, building sites, or pop-up offices often require ad-hoc copier rental.The reasons below will impact the cost of renting your photocopier. When answering these questions, you will need to remember the amount of the printing and the number of people using the computer.

1) Duration of rental

The longer you rent out the computer, the lower the monthly rate. For most, the contract for a minimum term is 1 year, while renting for 6 months is often negotiable.

2) Black & White or Color?

Does your company always use color on your printing? Lots of document might use a lot of black & white. So, you need to considered the what color usage your company used most.

3) Extra features

You need to identify whether your company prioritize on the multi-functional printing which is include scanning, printing, fax, or just want to make the printing quicker to be done.

There a thing to be considered whenever you take a rental. The long-term contract comes with a full after-sales support plan where free storage, toners, copier consumables, repair of spare parts and servicing of copiers are offered. Prices are higher when you rent short-term (from 1 day to a month), but onsite technicians and assistance can be given on site for you.

What if you want to terminate the photocopier rent early?

The termination might according to the agreement of the contract. It always stated that the contract can be terminated at the certain period of times. If you change your mind and need to return the photocopier earlier, you will have to pay the lease rental amount, which is the amount of months remaining before the signed contract finishes.

Assuming you have signed up for a year on a copier contract and plan to cancel it after 3 months, you will also have to pay back 9 months of monthly leasing payments. Usually this is the law of most copier rental firms. So, before signing any deal, be confident of your business strategy!