Did you know that by learning how to use your office equipment more efficiently, you can help your company reduce operating expenses? After a Managed Print Assessment, many organizations discover print costs as high as 3% of average annual revenues. It should come as no surprise that companies are anxious to discover new ways to reduce these costs, and responsible printing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to begin making a dent.

Make Every Print Count

There are plenty of pain-free methods to reduce printing costs. Here’s a run-down of some of the easiest to help you get started.

1. Look for ENERGY STAR Certifications— ENERGY STAR certified Kyocera copiers and printers are engineered to use less power. By swapping out old office equipment for new, you can reduce your energy usage and your power bill at the same time.

2. Implement a company-wide print policy— Your staff can’t hit the target if you haven’t shown them where it is. Policies that prohibit personal printing, set departmental limits, and put a stop to unnecessary printing (websites, emails, inter-office communications) can make a significant dent in your organization’s monthly print volumes.

3. Optimize your print settings— Many of today’s copiers and printers include features to reduce waste. One of the most efficient is automatic duplexing or two-sided printing. It’s an effective way to cut paper usage by up to 50%, and by making it the default setting, it couldn’t be easier to do.

4. Choose a better font— Did you know that some fonts use considerably less toner than others? Times New Roman, Century Gothic, and Calibri all require less toner than Arial. For companies with high-volume printing requirements, the savings can add up quickly.

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