Secure Print Release

Your multi-function printer (MFP) should support secure print release if you have a multi-printer environment. This feature allows users within your print network to print copies as needed from the main print station.

Additionally, employees can select which machines within your network they would like to process their documents on when they need their documents to be copied or printed.

Finding a copy machine that holds the copy until the user authenticates its release would be the ideal solution. To release the document, the user only needs to tap their device on the printer as authentication. You can also design a system where the user receives a QR code, which they then input into the device to release the document.

Character Recognition Through Optics (OCR)

You should look for a copy machine with optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities when determining which one is best for your company. Your device can convert any printed text from your copy into digital text using OCR technology.

You can easily log every word in your document into a database that can be searched thanks to this capability. Furthermore, the information therein can be transferred to a local drive or the company’s cloud database.

Overall, this feature is convenient because it saves time, especially when performing business analytics. Additionally, it makes document sharing across locations simple, making it a key feature for companies looking to embrace more remote work.

Stapling and Collating

Let’s say you expect to print large documents with multiple pages on a regular basis. In that case, you need a copier that can collect, organise, and arrange your copy’s component parts in a sequential order.

Thankfully, there are devices on the market right now that can collate and staple your documents.

Notably, an offset collating feature is built into even the most basic office copier. As a result, the documents don’t need to be organised or stapled by the end user.

Finishing the Document

Finding a machine that finishes your document would be a step up from the basic collating and stapling.

Finishing, as it relates to copiers, is any action taken after the document has been stapled. Along with punching holes, folding, finishing, trimming, and laminating, it should also punch holes in the document.

Additionally, a copier that can foil stamp or emboss your document is an option. Generally speaking, while machines that could complete your documents exactly as you wanted were once a luxury, they are now a business standard.

After-Copy Editing

You need to locate a printer that enables you to scan and edit the required document. This is helpful if you want to make a few minor changes.

The document could be automatically edited to do something as simple as include the dates or a watermark. Even so, you save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on various office procedures.

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