The choice of whether to buy or lease office equipment can be a big one. There are pros and cons for each choice, and the size of your company may dictate the best answer for your business.

Buying Office Equipment

Buying all of the office equipment is certainly a valid choice. For larger businesses that have equally large budgets, the cost of purchasing this equipment outright isn’t a strain on the finances. However, many companies find that this up-front payment to fund the needed equipment is a hardship on the company’s monthly budget. With a tight budget, there may be little money available for large purchases, and several large purchases at once may be a dangerous proposition. Buying does come with a much larger up-front cost, but many buyers find that over the years, the money spent was less than if they had leased the equipment.

Leasing Office Machines

The other option is to lease the machines, paying a smaller monthly fee each month to keep using the office equipment. With this option, it’s easier to fit these expenses into the monthly budget, as the cost will stay the same each month. Some companies choose this method because it allows them to have access to the latest machines that come onto the market. The leased machines can simply be exchanged for new ones when a newer model is needed for its advanced capabilities. With the technology behind printers, computers, and copiers in New Haven and Stamford advancing so quickly, some companies prefer this method to stay on top of the tech on the market.

Trying Office Equipment

It may be that you want to eventually buy your office equipment, but not just yet. With office machines being a significant investment of resources, you likely want to be very sure about the models you buy. When you lease machines, you can try different ones to see which models work best in your office. Then, once you’ve tried different types, you can choose the model that you want to buy outright. This allows you to get just the right equipment with the features that will be most helpful to your employees.

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