2 MPC3504 & MPC5504 SEWA
3 MPC3504 SEWA
4 MPC5504 SEWA
5 IMC3500 SEWA
6 IMC5500 SEWA
7 MPC3504 & MPC5504 SEWA
8 IMC3500 & IMC5500 SEWA
9 MPC3500 & MPC5504 BELI
10 MPC3504 BELI
11 MPC3504 BELI
12 IMC3500 BELI
13 IMC5500 BELI
14 MPC3500 & MPC5504 BELI
15 IMC3500 & IMC5500 BELI
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Bandar Sultan Suleiman is an industrial zone and residential hub in Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia located near Northport and is a significant contributor to the Klang economy.

Bizcopier Solution Sdn Bhd has over 30 years of experience and has become one of the most dependable photocopier suppliers in Klang.

The Covid-19 pandemic, on the other hand, has had far-reaching consequences. We are hopeful that things will begin to improve for the transportation and transportation industry, which has been severely impacted.

If you own a business in the Klang area and are looking for more affordable photocopier services, we now offer photocopier rental services.

At Equipment Rentals and Sales, we offer printers that are available for both long and short-term hires. We are the supplier for brand Ricoh printers. Whether you’re a large business, small enterprise, or an individual, we will have the print solution to suit your needs. Equipment Rentals and Sales will help you choose which devices are best suited to your business requirements.

Buy from us;

    • Free first-time installation
    • Reliable support
    • Delivery available
    • Lowest price in the town

We Cover Adjacent Areas Around Klang

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