Most of the time, office copiers leave no doubt when it’s time for a replacement. In some cases, the aging copier that still works is the real problem. Where does your equipment stand?

  1. It’s down. Again. Copier downtime makes for some pretty good sitcom material. In real life, an out-of-service device isn’t very funny. If you’re always calling in the cavalry for repair services, replacement parts, or just a shoulder to cry on, it’s probably time to acquire new equipment.
  2. Your assistant can’t stand the sight of the office stapler and hole-punch. We’re pretty sure your new staff member didn’t expect to spend hours stapling and hole-punching documents. The truth is, if you added a new multifunction system to your team, your new hire just might send you flowers. Multifunction systems deliver some serious capabilities, including printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. (Plus stapling and hole-punching, too!) You might even call your new multifunction system your all-in-one office services provider.
  3. Your information is at risk. Print security is one of the newest threats to your data. Hackers recognize this, and target out-of-date printing equipment to gain entry into networks. From there, they’ve got access to everything—your computers, your files, and your data. If you’re not sure where your equipment stands, contact your office services provider for a print security check-up today!
  4. You’re still doing business at the speed of paper. A new multifunction system can help your company make the transition from paper-based business procedures to lightning-fast and secure digital strategies.
  5. Your staff can’t print from their mobile devices. Mobile printing is a win for your company’s productivity. Get on board with a mobile-print enabled system today!
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