It’s universally acknowledged that most of us could accomplish more in a workday, but no matter how hard we try, there’s still more to do at the end of the day. Perhaps the key lies not in working harder but in finding ways to use our time better by eliminating distractions. Check out these solutions for getting more from your workday.

Turn it off.

Everyone wants your attention, and these days, it’s easy to get virtually tapped on the shoulder all day long. Turning off social media, text, email, and voice notifications and setting aside a scheduled time to deal with them is an easy way to tune out interruptions.

It’s true—multitasking is impossible.

Our minds aren’t capable of giving our full attention to competing tasks. If you’ve ever tried to listen to someone on the phone while also listening to someone else, you know how impossible multitasking really is. To get more from your day, focus on just one task at a time.

Take a break.

Your mind and your body both need a break. Schedule yours and then stick to your commitment. To give your mind a real break, go outdoors and look around instead of down at a screen.

Try out some new office services.

What’s slowing down your productivity? Are there office services you could tap into to free up time for mission-critical tasks? Managed Print Services providers can take over management of your printers and even improve your print-related workflows, saving both time and money. Other office services like Document Management, and office services customized for your industry almost always provide a fantastic return on investment.

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