4 Proven Ways to Make Excellent Photocopies
  1. Make the Originals

Once you’ve decided to copy something, you should do everything you can to keep the original copy in good condition. Originals that are well cared for always make the best copies, so keep your original in good condition.

To maintain a fresh, high-quality appearance, print the originals on heavyweight paper using an inkjet or laser printer whenever possible.

If the original is folded or creased, try to remove these as soon as possible. If you try to copy a folded or creased original, the copies will be less clear. Remove any staples or tape as smooth paper feeds through the copy machine much better.

  1. Clean the Machine

Before you begin copying, wipe down the glass to remove any foreign objects or dirt that may have an effect on your copies. The glass should be cleaned with glass cleaner before being dried with a lint-free cloth.

Avoid touching the glass with your finger tips to help keep the machine clean in the future. You should also exercise caution when using sticky notes because the sticky residue can attract dirt, which can damage the machine or harm the original you are attempting to replicate.

  1. Use High-Quality Copy Paper

You should first decide what weight of paper you want to use. Standard weight is cost-effective and compatible with high-speed copiers. Mid weight paper, which is slightly heavier and suitable for double-sided copies, can be used in copiers and inkjet or laser printers. Heavy weight paper has a smooth finish, but it can slow down copy machines. You can greatly improve the copy clarity by printing the original on heavy weight paper.

  1. Set up the Copier

The following are the steps you should take to prepare the machine:

  1. Turn on the machine by pressing the start button.
  2. Arrange your copy sheets on top of one another. Align them with two hands, making sure there are no folded edges or sheets out of place.
  3. Place the blank sheets in the paper tray and prepare to copy.
  4. Select the machine’s copy feature.
  5. If you want text and images to stand out from the background, adjust the contrast. This will improve the clarity and readability of the copies.
  6. Select the lightness or darkness. Color photos must be converted to black and white, or they must be lightened. To make light text, colours, or pencil drawings stand out, they must be darkened.
  7. First, make a test copy. When prompted to enter a quantity, enter ‘1’ first.
  8. This way, you can inspect the outcome to see if you are satisfied with the quality.
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