Office printer health and safety isn’t the most glamorous of topics, but it’s an important area that business owners need to be aware of. We’ve compiled a handful of pro-tips to ensure that your office is set up correctly and that the health and safety of your employees aren’t a concern when it comes to installing an office printer.

Read The Manual

  • We recommend the person in charge of managing the office printer – the office manager, operations manager, or similar – read the manual
  •  they’re more likely to be the person dealing with any issues first and foremost.

Placement Is Key

  • Ensure that your office printer is positioned in a safe area of your building and away from potential hazards.
  • Make sure that your printer gets some ventilation when it’s in use. Shutting your printer away in a cupboard and opening it when the equipment needs to be used is perfectly fine and safe.
  • Don’t place the office printer in a communal space or the middle of the break area. On the flip side, don’t place your printer in a difficult-to-access or hard-to-reach area. 

Schedule Regular Service

  • Ensuring that your machine has regular service is the main way to ensure correct office printer health and safety.
  • If your printer is checked by a qualified technician regularly, you’ll be less prone to breakdowns and other incidents that could be of harm to you or your employees.
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