Going paperless has so many benefits for the modern business that it’s a wonder everyone hasn’t made the transition. While conducting business completely without paper isn’t a reality just yet, there are a variety of digital document solutions that can get your company very close.

Paperless Benefits

Here’s how too much paper is impacting your organization and how you can implement paperless document solutions to gain some fantastic benefits.

1. Paper is difficult to track.

Recent surveys point out that knowledge workers spend as much as two hours a day attempting to find documents, and much of the time their search is unsuccessful. Keeping tabs on paper documents can be a job unto itself, and every one of us has misplaced a critical document a time or two.

Solutions like document management eliminate paper files by converting and storing everything digitally. Employees can locate any document or file they need in seconds by entering data into a keyword search.

2. Paper makes workflows more time-consuming.

No matter how efficient your employees are, paper-based workflows are slower than document solutions that feature process automation. Instead of printing and copying documents and hand-carrying or mailing them to recipients, the next person in the process receives an electronic notification along with the corresponding file. The benefits include saved time, fewer process and manual data entry errors, and lower costs.

3. Paper is nearly impossible to safeguard.

You can take every possible step to protect paper documents from theft, loss, or disaster and it still wouldn’t be enough. To safeguard your documents and your business, choose electronic document solutions that provide backup and recovery and off-site storage.

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